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Cassie Erickson

Cassie Erickson, the owner of A Barkery Unleashed, has a passion for dogs. For as long as she could remember, she loved them and knew she would work with them. Cassie can help dogs have better lives and better relationships with their owners by training them. She helps save lives.

Cassie studied at the Canine Behavior Center for two years, and she has been training dogs for almost Twenty-One Years.

Cassie started baking around fourteen years ago as a fun, creative outlet when she owned her doggie daycare. It allowed her to share her art and her love of dogs. This fun hobby has turned into a passion that she continues well after she closed her daycare to focus on her health and family. She now bakes and creates healthy treats that dogs can enjoy. Owners have peace of mind because they are baked with canine-friendly ingredients.

Ms. Erickson believes some of her best accomplishments are helping people at the end of their rope improve their relationship with their dogs. She loves to rehabilitate rescue dogs and help them find forever homes. Cassie loves to learn, grow and create. She recently accomplished her dream of opening her very own dog bakery. She also had some celebrities buy her art!

When Cassie isn’t baking and training, she also paints pet portraits as memorials for pet owners whose dogs have gone to the rainbow bridge.

Before Cassie opened her shop, she volunteered at NOAH, helping animals in need of loving homes. She also worked as a cake decorator for humans during the pandemic. That’s where she met Jessica. Jessica also works at the shop decorating all those awesome treats you see on display.

Cassie lives with her husband Ryan, whom she has known since she was fourteen, and their two children, Kaylyne and Ayden. They have two dogs: Mochi, a Pit/Springer, and Cali, a rescue Chihuahua mix. She also has three cats, Dobby, Harry, and Ariel.



Jessica is 26 years old and is a twin. She has been a cake decorator for 2 1/2 years prior to coming to work at A Barkery Unleashed. Previously, she worked at Safeway starting in customer service. Then she moved to decorating.

Jessica is learning all about baking and is not just a decorator but is our social media manager, baker, decorator, and customer service pro. She is a well-rounded amazing addition to A Barkery Unleashed.